71 Gramercy: hot and not

I wanted to write about my experience at this new place last night, but then I am stopping myself from ranting through my blog. I am just going to charge last night’s table reservation brouhaha to how busy the place was because of Valentine’s Day, Payday and Friday all rolled into one recipe for a crazy, busy night for the staff.

What I love about this place is that it gives Manila a different flavour aided by a stunning view of the city from an awesome vantage point. It is a good place to celebrate a busy week with friends and drinks are not that expensive.

How I wish though that the place — and the people that go there — didn’t have so much pretension that could kill real, good fun.

But maybe any club (or lounge) is the perfect place for it. You just have to ignore it and focus on having fun with the real people you are partying with.

Good thing I was with great company last night enough for me to chalk up the kinks of this place to experience. I’d still go there for a refreshing (and often inspiring) view of our fast rising city.

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