Three Things

Customer Experience

Having gone through an extensive tour of duty across a variety of disciplines and commercial challenges in marketing with core strengths rooted in integrated marketing, digital and CRM, there has never been any better time to step into CX. I have worked on CX programs via consulting, strategic thought leadership and have relevant experience in transformation programs designed with a customer-first mindset.

  • Strong common sense in strategy development
  • Digitally-enabled yet unbiased experience design
  • Service design and design thinking
  • People, process, product, systems and technology applications
  • Commercial strategy-integrated

Digital Transformation

Long before digital marketing was a given, I have had the opportunity to be in roles that were generally digitally-skewed. Starting my leadership journey in digital as brand manager for massively multiplayer role-playing games (MMORPG) then joining a digital native company disrupting the web in Vietnam to pioneering an entire company’s digital practice from scratch and being one of the world’s most influential Chief Digital Officers years ago, to bringing to market a promise of transformation for a leading telecom.

  • Leading organisations that deliver and power digital transformation
  • Scalable programs on digital leadership through people, product, process, systems and technology
  • Strong strategic thought leadership on digital marketing and diverse applications on both agency and client-side environments
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and performance-driven


A proven track record in leading teams and organisations in various levels of digital, commercial or customer maturity since the age of 22

  • business unit director of #1 gaming company at 22
  • marketing director of an internet disruptor at 23
  • led the foray of a telecom giant into digital at 25
  • Chief Digital Officer of a large ad agency at 27
  • Chief Experience Officer at 34

Never about titles, scale and impact have consistently fueled my  aspiration to lead, gaining unique and invaluable professional and life lessons from a broad range of situations. I have earned industry recognition as one of the region’s top talents in marketing and communications, fueled by a personal dedication to pass the expertise to future leaders through mentorship and coaching.

I also speak on a variety of topics in the industry: digital, CX, public relations, and leadership.

My professional CV may be downloaded from this link.

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