Reviving my site for the umpteenth time

I remember writing voraciously on LiveJournal more than a decade ago. Maybe because I had so much time then. With youth comes a lot of time one can spare for “fun” things to do like writing on your own blog. Also I think Facebook and Instagram sort of killed long form writing. Oh and Twitter, too. There used to be pleasure in writing in complete sentences, captioning photos and leaving a trail of comments behind. People had longer opinions back then. Today, opinion comes in 140 characters or less. Or in one photo rendered in a preloaded filter.

Having gone 10 years older when I started writing online, I feel I no longer have that much time to write. It does not mean that I have much less fun things to write about, it’s just that my daily routine no longer has that luxury for writing. I realise, however, that my writing style has improved so much and it would be a pity if that’s only put to good use only when writing office emails. Besides, I think I have so much more to write about these days may it be about things I have grown to love even more or even work that seems to have given birth to a lot of thoughts left unsaid because maturity requires that some are not even said; maybe they are better written. With or without an audience.

So here I am again, trying to revive my writing on a blog. It is high time I write because I might not have all the fresh brain cells in the world to remember everything. So I better start writing again.

Welcome (back) to my blog that will journal my 30s. That’s me giving myself a warm welcome and hopefully I get to write regularly — even if not on a daily basis — and if you happen to stumble upon this, then I welcome you as well.