Bale Dutung: a case for excellent dining experience

I do not normally write about restaurants except for when I take photos of the good food I discover along the way. Add to that checking into restaurants I like whenever I get to try them out. Other… Read More

71 Gramercy: hot and not

I wanted to write about my experience at this new place last night, but then I am stopping myself from ranting through my blog. I am just going to charge last night’s table reservation brouhaha to how busy… Read More

The road to stardom

Whenever I go through my feeds, I couldn’t help but realise how social media has truly created new stars out of rather ordinary people. I have nothing against it — everyone has an equal right to be noticed… Read More

Bobby turns eight

  Bobby is a miracle dog, perhaps one of the few who have survived a slipped disc common to dachshunds. Yesterday, he turned eight. He is healthy and still the most charming dog, a best friend to me,… Read More

Reviving my site for the umpteenth time

I remember writing voraciously on LiveJournal more than a decade ago. Maybe because I had so much time then. With youth comes a lot of time one can spare for “fun” things to do like writing on your… Read More